Melinda Terrian 


Having extensive experience in teaching pickleball, conducting pickleball clinic's and running  tournament's has given me the insight of how players perform on the court. It's important to customize the lessons to the ability of the student/students as they are learning. My goal as an instructor is to help beginner/ intermediate pickleball players to develop key strategies. Take their game to the next level in recreational play or tournament play. 

I can work with you to improve your; driving the ball, blocking the ball, drop shots, dinking with confidence, reading your opponents, serving with a purpose, doubles strategy and many more parts of the game. Lesson will be tailored with your personal goals. 

I am a certified teacher IPTPA  7+years.  USAPA Ambassador for Hemet/San Jacinto. Currently teaching pickleball class for Valleywide recreational parks in San Jacinto and Hemet.  I play competitively in both doubles and singles. Competed at Nationals won silver in women’s singles. cell 760-807-1262

Pickleball Lessons At CAstle Creek

​​​Maricela Janssen

Teaching Pro
I am a certified PPR pickleball coach. I come from a robust foundation in various racquet sports and have 14 years of experience as a personal trainer. My goal as a coach is to tailor programs to help your dinking, volleying, and smashing skills. I will provide valuable feedback to help you fine-tune your technique as well as, master the art of court positioning, shot selection, and game strategy. Wether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, I am committed to enhancing your skills while prioritizing injury prevention and overall fitness.

Beyond coaching, I play competitively in women’s and mixed doubles. My plan is to remain deeply involved in the pickleball community by volunteering time organizing charity clinics and collaborating with local schools to introduce youngsters to the joys of the sport.
My coaching isn’t just about perfecting skills; it's about fostering a lifelong love for pickleball while ensuring players reach their peak performance, both on and off the court.
Phone: 858-692-2262

Lon Jones 


As an instructor at Castle Creek for the past 3+ years, I have worked with brand new players trying the sport for the first time to advanced level of players who regularly compete in tournaments.  

With the beginning level of players, I teach the basic rules, strokes and the strategies of the game so that they can enjoy a good level of social play.  

Being a 5.0 level player, I am able to work with the more advanced players on stroke efficiency, court placement, and break down strategic awareness appropriate to the level of competition they will face. 

Coming from a background of a wide array of paddle and racquet sports, I am also able to evaluate and teach with a perspective that will best utilize any previous racquet sport experiences you may have had.  

I am a 5.0 singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles player and can help you improve your game………  You can reach me at or call/text 760-215-1881

Castle Creek Pickleball Club offers training for every level. Please review list of instructors below and contact them at your convenience.  

​​​Stacy Downey                                           

Teaching Pro

 IPTPA Certified Instructor. USAPA 5.0 rating.

2016-2017 Nationally ranked top 3 for 50+ , Women and Mixed Doubles

Having played competitively for several years, I feel I can offer great insights into the game of pickleball. I have taught tennis lessons for several years and played both tennis and racquetball. I now find a passion for pickleball. With my extensive experience in pickleball, I can work with all levels. My approach is to teach the basic foundation of pickleball and improve your game up to competition level.  You can contact me at : or call/text 760-807-6367