​​Stacy Downey                                           

Teaching Pro

 IPTPA Certified Instructor. USAPA 5.0 rating.

2016-2017 Nationally ranked top 3 for 50+ , Women and Mixed Doubles

Having played competitively for several years, I feel I can offer great insights into the game of pickleball. I have taught tennis lessons for several years and played both tennis and racquetball. I now find a passion for pickleball. With my extensive experience in pickleball, I can work with all levels. My approach is to teach the basic foundation of pickleball and improve your game up to competition level.  You can contact me at : nesshon45@gmail.com or call/text 760-807-6367

Melinda Terrian 


My goal as an instructor is to help beginner/ intermediate pickleball players to develop key strategies. Take their game to the next level in recreational play or tournament play.

I can work with you improve your; drop shots, dinking with confidence, reading your opponents and being ready, serving with a purpose, doubles strategy and many more parts of the game. I video lessons if requested and review for feedback.

I am a certified teacher IPTPA.  USAPA Ambassador for Hemet/San Jacinto. Currently teaching pickleball class for Valleywide recreational parks in San Jacinto and Pickleball classes in Menifee. I play competitively in both doubles and singles. Competed at Nationals won silver in women’s singles. Melinda.Terrian@yahoo.com cell 760-807-1262

Pickleball Lessons At CAstle Creek

Lon Jones 


As an instructor at Castle Creek for the past 3+ years, I have worked with brand new players trying the sport for the first time to advanced level of players who regularly compete in tournaments.  

With the beginning level of players, I teach the basic rules, strokes and the strategies of the game so that they can enjoy a good level of social play.  

Being a 5.0 level player, I am able to work with the more advanced players on stroke efficiency, court placement, and break down strategic awareness appropriate to the level of competition they will face. 

Coming from a background of a wide array of paddle and racquet sports, I am also able to evaluate and teach with a perspective that will best utilize any previous racquet sport experiences you may have had.  

I am a 5.0 singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles player and can help you improve your game………  You can reach me at lj@lonjones.com or call/text 760-215-1881

Castle Creek Pickleball Club offers training for every level. Please review list of instructors below and contact them at your convenience.