selkirk Paddle ​review

This is a review of the Selkirk AMPED S2 X5 FiberFlex Paddle.  It is well constructed with a thick edge wrap that looks like it will hold up to lots of abuse.  As someone who tends to scrape the court with low drives and dinks,  it appears that it will be able to take the abuse for the life of the paddle.  This paddle was 8.2 ounces, a little more on the heavy side which lends itself well to power shots.  The face is larger than average which is attained by having a slightly shorter than normal handle.  For people with large hands this might feel different.  I could feel the bottom of the handle but it did not affect play.  Dinks had great feel,  as well as power shots, but it is easy to over hit with this paddle.  It has a highly reactive surface and core, so you don't actually have to work as hard to make the shots you want.  For this reason I would say this paddle would appeal to the intermediate or advanced player that can feel when to let up and let the paddle do the work.  If you are able to trust the paddle, you will feel the ball stay longer on the paddle and give you great feel for dinks, and greater spring off the paddle on power shots.  Having to expend less effort opens up options more options for direction changes and overall higher quality dinks. Spin was on par with other paddle brands.  The surface has a rough feel, fairly good topspin and underspin can be attained on hard drives and serves.

Overall this seems to be a fantastic paddle for someone that is ready to move up and take advantage of improving the solid shots they are already developing