(UPDATED 8/1/2020) We are happy to announce Castle Creek has reopened with Covid-19 restrictions!  In the downtime we have repaired the fence, put up new nets and completely resurfaced the courts.  It looks fantastic and we can't wait for you all to come and play!

We have to track who is here and when and the only way to do that is through a reservation system.  You need to be a member to access the reservation system.  You can purchase a membership on our website. We no longer have 1-month memberships for $20. Memberships for 6 months are available for $100.  No drop-ins allowed, but members may make reservations for guests ($5/guest/session). Be on the lookout for an email inviting you to the reservation system shortly after you purchase your membership.  We are currently limited to only 44 players at a time, so we have broken the days into multiple sessions (44 players per session).  With this system you will be able to see available sessions you can reserve. Please observe the following guidelines when using the system:

We will be very busy and need to let everyone have a chance to play, so please do not abuse the system: please reserve for no more than 1 session per day; you may play in more than one session per day if, 1) there are vacancies in the session, and 2) you get clearance to join the session from the session monitor (a session monitor will be assigned each session).  Keep in mind that because of the player cap, waiting to play will be minimal, so one 2.5-hour session of constant or nearly-constant play is usually enough for people to be good and tired.

Please show up on time for your session and leave after it is finished.  There is a half hour between sessions and we cannot have more than 44 people there at a time.

Please check in with a board member or session monitor so they can verify you are in the session.  One of the following should be there:

  • Adam Young
  • Francie Overstreet
  • Brendan Lydon
  • Caroline Kim
  • Steve Elder
  • Other designated session monitor

NOTE!  Please be respectful of your fellow Pickleballers. Competitive sessions are for 4.0+-rated Players. Social sessions are for players rated 3.5 or below. PLEASE SIGN UP ACCORDING TO YOUR LEVEL OF PLAY. Social sessions will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Competitive sessions will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  You must use the reservation system to book your times, so be on the lookout for your invite email.  To see the time slots that will be on the reservation system, you can go to our calendar 
Each week reservations will open at 5pm Sunday for the following week

Some important club policies need to be followed without exception:

  • You must have your own face mask.  This must be worn any time you are going to be within 6 ft of others.
  • Please do not congregate outside the courts.  If we are seen in large groups we can easily be shut down.  This is important.
  • Bring your own Hand Sanitizer or wipes.
  • Please sanitize your hands between games.
  • If you feel sick at all, DO NOT COME

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon!  If you have any questions feel free to reply.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Club Play During Covid-19 (updated)