Order of Play
You will notice some recent changes to the order of play.  We are trying new ways to arrange the courts so we can maximize the use and minimize the wait time to play.  New signs on the West side and on the individual boards explain any new methods.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask any committee member any time.  

Upcoming changes
We are currently looking into fixing the outside tight corners of the courts as well as lighting for evening play.  Your continued support will help make this happen!  Please consider a membership so we can reach these goals more quickly.

*Update!  5 of the 8 corners have been expanded and all courts now have their own dedicated entrance so there is no longer any obstruction by the fence or by people walking across the courts!  Come see how the improvements have made playing at Castle Creek much more enjoyable!

Upcoming Events
We usually have  monthly or bi-monthly round robin type events.  We are also looking at dates for Club picnics throughout the Summer.  We will also have at least one party at a private residence nearby. we are looking forward to having a lot of fun this year!

Here is where you will find all the latest information about changes and upcoming news about Castle Creek.

Club Happenings